What does DCare provide?

One Replacement, Total Peace of Mind

The replacement service is extended by one year and your product’s warranty period is at least 12 months.

Damage caused by user error or manufacturing defect is covered under DCare.

* DCare offers 3 replacement service, and it covers water, drop, and crash damage, as well as interference or other accidents

* 2 replacements within 12 months, another 1 replacement after 12 months until DCare service expires.

4x the Warranty with Free Repair Service

By purchasing DCare, the warranty period is extended, and a free repair service will be provided for products under warranty that have a manufacturing defect. The warranty period is extended by at least 12 months or up to four times, covering the warranty service period without interruption.

*The product’s extended warranty period is based on the purchase date of DJI Care Refresh + and the warranty of the product or components. The warranty period for the gimbal, camera, and vision sensors is four times longer.

Fly Sooner with Express

DCare replacement service has also been streamlined to let you skip the damage assessment and quotation process. DronesKaki will ship you a replacement as soon as they receive your damaged drone. Get back in the air in no time.

  • Fast turnaround on any claim: 1-2 weeks processing time, versus 1-2 months directly through manufacturer.

Water Damage Coverage

Damage occurring after the product has come into contact with water is covered by the DCare. Product that suffers water damage can be replaced under DCare.

DCare will cover all shipping costs.

Replacement service covers: aircraft, gimbal, camera, battery and propellers.

Extended 2 years warranty service covers:

Main Controller, Gimbal and Camera, Vision Positioning System and Propulsion System (Excluding Propellers)

Termination of DCare

DCare will be terminated in advance in the following situation:

  1. The aircraft or the gimbal has been repaired or modified in a non-official designated repair center.
  2. If you are found conducting or have conducted any fraud on DJI, e.g. wilfully break a DJI product covered under DCare service with intention to gain financial interest, the service will be terminated automatically without refund. DCare reserves the right to take legal action.
  3. Stolen, forgotten, lost or abandoned aircraft and accessories.
  4. Damage resulting from the use of non-DJI certified third-party accessories, batteries or software.
  5. Direct or indirect losses caused by forced majeure, war, military action, riot, coup, treason and/or terrorism activities, etc.


DCare only available for DJI products meeting the following requirements:

  1. Brand new aircraft.
  2. Aircraft activated less than 48 hours.

*Please Note: DCare policies are subject to change.

We’ll replace your aircraft even if it’s damaged by water.

We’ll replace your aircraft even if it’s damaged by water.